Day 1 – Wednesday 25 March

Day 2 – Thursday 26 March

Day 3 – Friday 27 March

Day 1

Welcome ceremony & various panels

Wednesday March 25

08:00 – 09:00


Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

09:00 – 09:15




09:00 – 09:30






09:30 – 10:45

Welcome Ceremony and Speeches

Welcoming participants to Mexico for Global Week and introducing the event’s VIP speakers.


  • Danielle Morley, CEO Bonsucro
  • CONADESUCA – Sugarcane sustainability in Mexico
  • TBC

Bonsucro Updates – The past year has seen many exciting developments for Bonsucro and its members. In this session, Bonsucro CEO Danielle Morley will take participants through the highlights of 2019 and look ahead to what’s in store for the coming year.

Member update – what impact is Bonsucro having and our future plans: Presentation of the figures of the outcome report and our strategic plans for the coming year.

Panel on Bonsucro governance-briefing to participants

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

10:45 – 11:15

Coffee Break

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

11:15 – 12:30

Panel on Mexico: Alliance for sugarcane smallholders sustainability acceleration

What are the challenges that are preventing sustainable practices being taken by smallholders at large and what are some of the solutions.

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

12:30 – 14:00


Hotel Riu Plaza – Guadalajara

14:00 – 14:45

Panel on labour conditions in sugarcane

Examples from Asia, Africa and Latin America

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

15:30 – 16:00

Tea break

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

15:30 – 16:45

Panel on new technologies for sustainability

ISEAL certification atlas, Bonsucro sugar mapping, Fairagoro, IPM Coalition, Pulse

Update on Bonsucro Standards Revision

Standard revision working group

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

Day 2


Thursday 26



Opening presentation

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara


Break out groups

Group 1: Climate Smart Agriculture

RenovaBio, Raizen and moderators

Group 2: Panel on smallholders

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

10:30 – 11:00

Tea Break

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

11:00 – 12:00

Group 3: Drivers and commitments on sustainability

TCCC, EcobusinessFund, mills (regions), moderators

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

12:00 – 13:00


Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

14:00 – 15:15


Break out groups debriefing

The Innovation Lab:

1-minute video on a sugarcane innovation and short Q&A

Panel: unlocking opportunities beyond the traditional supply chain

Robobank, IFC, insurance companies, retailers, NGO’s

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

15:15 – 16:00

Tea Break

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

16:00 – 17:00

Closing speech: Cámara Nacional de la Industria Azucarera y Alcoholera – CNIAAMembers’ Council share results of feedback session

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

19:00 – 22:00

Bonsucro Awards Dinner

Join us for the spectacular annual Awards Dinner at Hotel Riu Plaza where we will reveal and celebrate the winner of Bonsucro’s 2020 Award.

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

Day 3

Field Trip
Friday 27 March


Bus Departure for Mill Visit

Hotel Riu Plaza will serve breakfast to guests at 5am.

Everyone attending the field trip will meet in the Hotel Riu Plaza foyer to collect snack boxes and board the bus for the field trip, departing at 5:30am from Hotel Riu Plaza.

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

09:00 – 15:30

Mill Tour and Presentation

Today we’ll be visiting a mill in Mexico’s beautiful countryside. You will be warmly received by one of Bonsucro’s leading members – Ingenio Tala – to their mill. See how Tala achieved their Bonsucro certification, by taking participants through how Bonsucro’s standards are applied to their mills and farms.


  1. Welcome and presentation from MP senior management
  2. Mill tour
  3. Lunch (11:30 – 13:30)
  4. MP Modern Farm visit
  5. Smallholder Farmers visit and discussion


Departure For Hotel

Approximately between 19:00 and 20:00, dependent on traffic

Arrival at Hotel

Hotel Riu Plaza, Guadalajara

Please note that the agenda is subject to change.