Sugarcane is one of Thailand’s most important agricultural crops and critical to its economy. The sugarcane supply chain – consisting of the growers, millers and associated logistics personnel – provides jobs for more than 1.5 million people and generates almost USD $6 billion per year.

The country is the second biggest exporter of sugar in the world, and is highly competitive, both domestically and in the world market, and it mainly exports to ASEAN countries.

Using Bonsucro as platform for collaboration, along with its Standards, a number of key actors are working towards an improved industry.

…and an ideal Bonsucro Global Week host country

Thailand, at the centre of the ASEAN region, is an established business events destination, with world-class facilities and infrastructure.

Its unique culture and remarkable array of tourist activities and attractions also makes it an exciting destination.

Join us in this beautiful country for a week of learning, sharing & connecting with people from all areas of the industry and the globe.

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